June 13th-14th 2022 University of Stavanger, Norway

Health-related Artificial Intelligence in Stavanger

hAIst con is a conference arranged by members of Kunstig intelligens i norsk helsetjeneste (Artificial Intelligence in the Norwegian health service) located in the Stavanger region.

The conference aims to highlight the use of artificial intelligence in the health sector, relevant on-going research, and sharing expertise and experience obtained by researchers and enthusiasts in the region.

Call for abstracts and poster session

Prospective participants were invited to submit abstracts with the topic of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with specific general health and medicine applications. All researchers and students from universities, research institutes, and health sectors were encouraged to submit their findings.

Contact persons

email Ketil Oppedal Ketil Oppedal

Associate Professor

Faculty of Sience and Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

email Russel Gene Wolff Russel Gene Wolff

Senior Advisor

Faculty of Sience and Technology

Faculty Administration